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March 30, 2016

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”  

Milton Glaser

Sometimes web designers forget that their real aim is user of the future application; that the web application should contact with him and not just attract his attention.

Communication with the user is the first and the main rule of UX Design. Communication should be in every small element, in every sign, button, color of text and line.

To find out if everything works right just ask yourself whether  each element supports the main idea and then you will find out what needs to be improved and what is on its place.


Also here are 6 tips that will help you to create a worth design.

  1. Be a homebuilder

Be a homebuiled

Start from the foundation – create a frame of processes – decorate it.

You don’t need to provide a ready solution at once – create it step by step. How will the user understand the logic of an application if it isn’t even conceived?


  1. Connect the dots

Connect the dots

To make a great product User Experience design is not enough. Remember, you’re not alone. Listen, speak and be an intermediate link between users, the client and the rest of your involved team.

As the result you will have not only a working solution but a lot of fun moments and new experiences collected.


  1. Less is more

Less is more

Users like things to be as easy as they can be. If they need explanation or instructions – they aren’t good.

Get rid of all unvalued and distractive elements – they will only confuse your user and he will close an application sooner as he gets to the aim.

Also users don’t like to fill in a lot of information. We understand that statistics are very valuable for the app owner but please put all the information filling on the next stages when user will be fond of it. If not – you will lose one more user.

But don’t take it wrong and non-consider interactive features. An instant search, bookmarks, reasonable parallax scrolling effects will make pages fun and interesting.


  1. Check the outside world

CHeck the outside

Colleague’s opinion is very important, but it’s not necessarily that they will be your future users. So they might think in other way then your target audience.

In this case you definitely need to check the outside world – outside design and development circles. As the result you might be a bit surprised as you will achieve a lot of ideas about how things should work and what is unneeded.

After sorting ideas by selecting interesting thoughts and rejecting ones that are questionable, you’ll get a product that fully satisfies the needs of your customers.


  1. Micro-Interactions are your friends


Everyone faces micro-interactions in everyday internet affairs. Think “no”? What about Facebook message notifications, notifications on your phone that you missed something or meeting reminders?
All of them are very useful and non-disturbing.

Your role here is to find out what kind of interactions will be useful for users and are suitable for your app and implement them into the design.


  1. Always remember about the grid system

grid (2)

The principle of proximity states that people perceive objects near each other as a single unit. So if you want (and you want) to control horizontal proximity you will need to create a well-designed grid system.

The optimal one is 12-column grid included with Bootstrap as it is easy to customize and to replicate in Photoshop.



In order to create great digital experiences we all need to work together to provide extremely interesting ideas that will be meaningful to future users. We need to challenge ourselves every day and try to do more and more.

And don’t forget the main rule of UX design – communicate with your user.